Mountain Climbers

What to do when God doesn’t move the mountain

Many songs, sermons, and scripts revolve around the theme of faith that can move mountains. But what do you do when the mountain refuses to move? You may find yourself wondering, “Is there something wrong with my faith? Have I done something wrong? Is God angry with me?”

Mountain Climbers seeks to address these questions and more; it deals not with physical mountains but the metaphorical mountains that tower over you. You may not always understand why God allows you to meet such intimidating obstacles, but there is always a purpose. God will often allow you to climb the mountain rather than moving it for you. But no worries—God will climb it with you! You can overcome the heights of insecurity, fear, offense, and seemingly impossible situations. In these essays, author and pastor Travis McKamie shares the real-life lessons he has learned from the valleys, journeys, and mountaintops that he reached when he chose to climb. Stop standing in the shadow of life’s mountains and wondering whether they will ever move. Instead, find the motivation to equip yourself, take the first step, and start climbing. After all, the view will be better from the top!